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more stuff i made – for owen

Jackson gave me a break last weekend and took at 3 hour nap on Saturday and Sunday – just enough time to finish up the gifts for Owen’s baby shower. I love this baby’s parents, and just can’t wait to meet him. I love this animal print:


And of course there had to be an owl or two to go with Owen’s nursery…



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stuff I made


P is for Peyton too, originally uploaded by terrylind.

I love it when it’s baby season!


P is for Peyton, originally uploaded by terrylind.


For Zoe-y :-), originally uploaded by terrylind.

I was very excited for baby season to arrive so quickly for me this year. I’ve been following this blog that just keeps coming up with cuter and cute-r stuff. I love this jersey knit blanket idea, especially for springtime babies. I didn’t have a tiny babies around to try out the knit caps, but hopefully they work out for Peyton and Zoe. Can’t wait to meet the little ones!

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