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This week’s theme is Friends/Family. Yaya came to visit this past weekend for the Easter holiday, and our little man was in rare form. I’ve never seen him show off the way he did. He has such a special bond with his Yaya, it is so sweet to watch. He was on the move all weekend, so this isn’t the sharpest picture, but its cute nonetheless.


Be sure to check out all the other friends/family shots here:


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ihf: Pet Week – Cindy

The favorite family dog – Sydney, or Cindy, she’ll answer to both with a ton of kisses.


I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges & Photography Tutorials

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Menu Plan – Week of 4/24

Happy Easter! Here what will be gracing our table this week.

Monday: Herb Crusted Lamb Steaks, creamy spinach, and fingerling potatoes

Tuesday: Date night

Wednesday: Chicken, Mushroom & Asparagus Stir Fry

Thursday: Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad

Friday: Slow Cooker Mushroom Swiss Steak & Gravy

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Well, maybe I changed my mind on which photo to work on this week. I’ve learned my lesson, accept the feedback when you get it. So I did that and I’ve been working on this photo of the basket on his head. I’m pretty happy with my edit, but I’m going to still think on my mom’s comment of wanting “more color” in the picture. There are some many different ways to go with it, I’m even happy with just the white balance edits only. Here is what I ended up with after playing around with things tonight:


LR: Custom white balance, cropped to 1×1
Photoshop: Ashley’s clean action – played around with the layers, brightened eyes, lighted red skin, Nelly Nero’s I Fake Film

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This week’s theme is Easter/Passover. Mimi sent us (or really just Jackson) a set of Resurrection Eggs. In the few moments he wasn’t testing out his arm by throwing them as far as he could across the yard, I got these SOOC shots. I think I’ll work mostly with the first one, but will hopefully have time to touch up all of them.

I think this is his way of asking for a bigger basket.

But who really needs a basket to carry eggs? It works great as a hat!

I think he’s channeling some Johnny Caron/Carnac in this one… “please be chocolate, please be chocolate”.

Discovering the cross within the egg. Bummer, no candy.


I’m looking forward to spending some editing time on these this week. If nothing else, they are a good practice photo run for the upcoming Easter weekend. Have a blessed Resurrection Week!


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ihf: wind (or lack thereof)

We made an attempt to fly a kite on one of the few breeezy-ish days here in SA. But, unfortunately, even Daddy can’t make the wind blow enough to make the kite fly. Well, we had fun trying :-)

windI Heart Faces

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Menu plan – Week of April 17th

Mmmm… I’m looking forward to eating this week’s meals :-)

Monday: Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers and Salad

Tuesday: Broccoli and Tomato Cheese Tortellini

Wednesday: Stuffed Pork Chops with Wild Rice (Quick & Easy Southern Living Cookbook)

Thursday: Baked Spaghetti and Salad

Friday: Enchilada Chicken Soup and Chips

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